Two Hairs In One Follicle Causes

Do you have two hairs in one follicle? If so, you’re probably wondering if this is normal. In this article, we’ll find out!

You’re shaving your legs when, suddenly, you notice that there are two hairs growing out of a single follicle. If you’re a man, you may have noticed this while shaving your face.

The question is, is this caused by shaving? According to experts, no. This condition is likely to be a genetic anomaly and is typically not related to shaving.

This article will talk more about what it is, as well as ways that you can potentially minimize it.

Is Two Hairs in One Follicle “Normal”?

The official medical term for this is Pili Multigemini.

It’s relatively rare, not because a lot of people don’t have it, but because they don’t notice it.

This could be happening on your body right now, but you might not even know it.

It looks just like it sounds – two hairs growing out of a single follicle.

It’s not a painful condition, and can be shaved just like regular hairs. For the most part, this is fairly normal and isn’t something that you should be worried about.

What Causes it?

What causes two hairs in one follicle? It occurs when the tips of the hair papules separate so that there are multiple shafts of hair.

For women, it’s common on the legs and armpits, while in men, it’s most common on the face. It can even happen in children (usually on the scalp).

Essentially, there’s a single hair follicle that’s growing normally as it should, and another bulb located at the base.

The hair bud itself then splits as it begins to grow. The result is that two different hairs grow out of the same hair follicle.

Note that in normal physiology, only a single hair will grow out of a single hair follicle.

While the mechanisms are understood to a respectable degree, researchers aren’t entirely sure why this happens. They believe that genetic factors play a big role.

Dealing with This Strange Symptom

If you notice this symptom, and it doesn’t bother you, then feel free to ignore it.

But if it’s happening in multiple places around the body, and it’s distracting you, here’s what to do (and not do):

  • Pluck: Some people get so annoyed with this symptom that they begin to pick at their hairs. Unfortunately, the two hairs that originate from the single follicle tend to sit deeper in the skin compared to normal hairs. Besides, even if you do manage to pluck them out, they’re only going to grow back in the future.
  • Shaving: Like plucking, shaving isn’t going to change anything. In fact, if you continually shave your two hairs in one follicle, you’ll only increase your chances of developing an infection. Leave it alone and go about your day. Only shave as needed, and try to eliminate this odd symptom from your mind.
  • Electrolysis: Electrolysis is something that can make a hair follicle “fall sleep”. The only problem is that if this is a problem that’s occurring all around your body, electrolysis can end up being very expensive. Unless it’s severely distracting, we recommend leaving it alone and saving your money for something else.

Finally, there’s something called cryosurgery. This involves freezing the skin so that you can remove the hair follicle. Since it isn’t free, we’ll go back to what we were saying before: if it’s not bothering you, just let it be.

Can Two Hairs in One Follicle Be Prevented?

Unfortunately, no, it cannot. The reason why is because this is a genetic disorder.

With today’s medical technology, it’s not yet possible to fix most genetic disorders.

So, if you’ve got two hairs in one follicle, you’ll need to accept that there’s nothing you can do to prevent it.

In the rare case that this is caused by irritation, here are some things you can try:

  • Avoid Chronic Sun Exposure: Don’t expose yourself to the sun for extended periods of time. If you do go outside, keep your skin covered. The UV rays can cause your hair follicles to become damaged, thus, increasing your risk of infection.
  • Use Skin-Sensitive Products: For things like shampoo, conditioner, and soap, make sure that it’s a skin-sensitive product. This also includes lotions and sunscreens. Make sure that they don’t irritate your skin before you buy them.
  • Reduce Frequency of Hair Treatments: If you’re currently getting hair treatments, then try to get them less often. By keeping hair treatments to a minimum, you’ll be able to preserve the structural integrity of your hair follicles.

Experts also suggest that you keep your hair short as well as avoid a medication called isotretinoin (used to treat the aging skin).

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  • I am a 30-something female and have this condition on my legs. Ingrown hairs are common and can be painful and occasionally give me unsightly sores if I don’t notice right away and pluck the hairs out. This happens whether or not I shave, but it’s easier for me to notice and take care of it when I do shave. When my legs get chilly, it is actually painful to feel the hairs growing(?) and I have fantasized about getting electrolysis or something so I can have smooth legs that aren’t painful if I, say, go into a grocery store where it’s cold on a hot day. But I don’t have money for such things. Wondering if others have this same experience or if anyone has a scientific explanation of what’s happening when I feel my leg hair “growing”.

    • I found someone that can relate!! I’ve been trying everything to get rid of it. Laser hair removal is next! Only thing is now I have scarring due to me plucking the hairs out, my legs looks worse than having the extra hairs. Someone suggest using a product thatll help remove dead skin & exfoliating so your hairs can break through.

    • I am 20 years old and I have had the same problem as well as my sister ever since we first started shaving our legs. For me, it happens in the places i shave, and the places i don’t. My legs are really bad, the hairs grow back in so fast after shaving and when they do, its extremely uncomfortable especially when its cold. My legs always get itchy but moisturizer does help… it still sucks that most girls don’t have to deal with the red bumps i get all over my lefs or the prickliness and multiple hairs in one follicle and red bumps like i do. I even get the red bumps on my arms (have never removed any hair on them) sometimes! I regularly shower in luke warm water and thoroughly rinse, so i think it’s very bizarre. Also happens on my underarms, and even my stomach and chest that I don’t shave! Also my butt and back of my thighs… its terrible and embarrassing and uncomfortable and I just wish I was like other girls and could show off my legs…

  • I’ve always hated the way my legs look, and how they’re always scratchy and that three hairs grow out of one pore – I’ve decided I’m just going to cover my legs in tattoos. Done.

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