Pain and hardened tissue in buttock

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Kayden Asks:

4 days ago I was sitting and I noticed my left butt cheek near my rectum was sore. I ignored I hoping it would go away. Now it hurts to the point the point where I can’t sit without almost crying. There is no swelling or bruising but I do feel a hardened (what’s seems to be) tissue spot where the pain is. It has grown. Since I found it 2 days ago.

Dr Nitesh’s reply:

Lump in buttock is an uncommon symptom as lumps are usually seen in other parts of the body. However, conditions which lead to lump formation on other areas of body also lead to buttock lumps. Buttock lumps are usually not the ones to be worried about and are mostly benign. Lump on buttocks are most likely to be a cyst, Cysts are non-cancerous and won’t spread to other parts of the body. Cysts have a slow growth and can affect any part of the body. Cysts are formed due to clogging of sebaceous glands or infection. Cysts are not resolved on its own, you need to consult a doctor and get it surgically removed.

Epidermoid cysts are other form sebaceous cysts that occur due to out-pouching of hair follicles. They are usually seen on chest, groin or genitals. You should never try to drain a cyst on your own as ruptured cysts have high chances of getting infected. If a cyst is ruptured you must keep it clean to prevent infection.

Dermatofibromas can also be seen on buttocks. They are round, reddish, benign and painless lumps. You don’t need to have them removed unless they are bothering you. Lipoma formation on buttock is also a common cause of buttock lump. Lipoma is collected fat and benign. Lipomas are usually painless unless it’s compressing on a nerve. Only management option for lipoma is surgical removal, but you do not need to have them removed unless they are bothering you.

Most lumps do not cause pain but lump on buttocks are painful because you are putting a lot pressure on these lumps while sitting. You need to consult your doctor if the lump lasts longer than 14-20 days. If the lump is painful you must consult your doctor or a dermatologist immediately. Lumps usually require surgical removal and your doctor may send the sample for biopsy for confirmation of the diagnosis.

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  • Hi, thanks for the reminder. If something strange causes us pain I definitely agree that we should consult the condition with a specialist.

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