One Swollen Tonsil with Phlegm

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Abby Asks:

For a while now I have had one swollen tonsil (right one) I have also been having a lot of phlegm it feels as if it’s coming from my nose but through my mouth! I have also had pain in my left ear and pain when moving my jaw the ear pain usually lasts a few days then goes for a while before coming back. I have also been having pain at the top of my nose like an achy pain.

Dr Edin’s reply:

Based on your symptoms, it looks like you have an infection site near your nasopharynx which connects your pharynx (throat) and nasal cavity. Nasopharynx is also connected with the middle ear by a small tube (Eustachian tube). All these organs are connected and an infection in one of them can cause infection of other connected parts. You mentioned that you had intermittent ear pain with radiation to the jaw, which is one of the main symptoms of ear infection. Also, increased mucus production and swelling of a tonsil is another sign of infection. It would be best to visit your ENT doctor in order to get a thorough examination.

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