Nose Piercing Bump: Causes and Treatments

Nose piercings are a common practice around the world. But if it gets infected, then it can lead to a nose piercing bump that doesn’t go away.

The bump can be painful, itchy, red, and inflamed. In some cases, the pain can be so intense that it becomes distracting.

In this post, we’ll talk about the common causes of a nose piercing bump, as well as some potential treatment options.

What Causes Nose Piercing Bumps?

nose piercing bumpIf you develop a bump on your nose after a piercing, then it’s most likely due to an infection.

Here are the most common reasons why a piercing might get infected:

  • Poor Technique: If the person piercing your nose didn’t following hygienic procedures, then an infection is more likely. It’s possible that they used an unsterilized needle which contained bacteria on the point.
  • Poor Aftercare: Once the piercing is in, it’s up to you to maintain it. You must follow the piercer’s advice strictly. If you don’t wash it when you’re supposed to, or are constantly playing with it, it’s more likely to get infected.
  • Wrong Jewelry: The material that the piercing is made of matters a lot. It’s possible for some people’s skin to be allergic to certain metals. For instance, some people might be allergic to nickel and not know it.
  • Physical Trauma: If you accidentally bumped your piercing against a hard object then this may cause it to become red, puffy, and warm. It might even start to bleed. Proper care is needed to avoid an infection in this case.
  • Changing Jewelry: It’s not recommended that you change out your piercing while the wound is healing. You should wait until it heals completely. By not following this rule, you’re more likely to develop a nose piercing bump.

As you can see, there are many things that can go wrong with a nose piercing.

A lot of people like to fiddle with their piercing once they’ve gotten home. Don’t do this.

This is one of the most common reasons piercings get infected. Leave it alone until it fully heals.

Summary: Physical trauma, poor aftercare, and poor technique are among the most common causes of infection after a piercing.

Avoid Public Pools and Hot Tubs

Once you’ve gotten your piercings, it’s recommended that you stay away from public pools and hot tubs.

Although they contain chlorine, that doesn’t mean they are 100% sanitary.

There are still going to be viruses and bacteria floating in the water.

When you have an open wound on your nose, this isn’t something you want.

How long should you wait? It depends on how long it takes your piercing heal- usually no more than a week or two.

Summary: If you go into public pools or hot tubs after your piercing, then you’re more likely to develop a nose piercing bump.

How to Get Rid of a Nose Piercing Bump

The bump on your nose is relatively harmless. It might hurt or sting, but it likely won’t kill you. Rarely do infections from piercings lead to serious complications.

With that said, you should try to speed up your recovery so that you can stop worrying about it. Here’s how to do it:

  • Change the Jewelry: Sometimes the jewelry is the problem. The jewelry may be contaminated with bacteria, or you might be allergic to the metal. In either case, try changing out the jewelry and see if that makes a difference.
  • Keep it Clean: Don’t just wash the affected area with regular soap- use anti-bacterial soap. Repeated 2-3 times per day for maximum effect. If you do this, your nose piercing bump should go away more quickly.
  • Use Sea Salt: Salt is very effective at killing off bacteria. It prevents them from surviving and replicating. Simply mix some sea salt in warm water and apply it to the affected area. Repeat several times per day to speed up recovery.
  • Stay Healthy: Make sure that you’re exercising, eat healthy, getting enough sleep, and minimizing your stress levels. This will strengthen your immune system and ultimately make your nose piercing bump

If you have any questions about how to keep your piercing clean, then return to the person who gave it to you.

They’ll examine your nose and provide you with advice on how to keep the area clean and sanitary.

Summary: Keep the piercing clean! Also, change out the jewelry if you suspect you’re allergic to it.

Should You See a Doctor?

Should you see a doctor right away? Or wait it out? Our recommendation is to wait and see how the infection progresses.

In most people, the infection will subside within a few days. If it’s not healing, or if the pain is getting worse, then schedule an appointment.

Like we said earlier, piercings rarely lead to serious complications. If you visit a doctor, they’ll most likely prescribe you a round of antibiotics.

However, we don’t recommend taking antibiotics for a nose piercing bump.

The reason is because it’s not that serious and doing so makes your body more resistant to antibiotics in the future.

Summary: Most nose piercing bumps will go away within a few days to a week. If it doesn’t go away in that time, see a doctor.

Important Tip – Don’t Pop The Bump!

A lot of people think that popping the bump will make them heal faster.

But the opposite is true: if you try to pop the bump on your nose, then it’s going to make the infection worse.

The bump will be filled with pus, white blood cells, and dead bacteria.

As they accumulate, the bump may get larger. Eventually, it will pop on its own.

Never pop it yourself using your fingers or a needle as this can make the infection spread. It can also lead to an even worse infection.

Summary: While it might be tempting to try and pop your nose piercing bump, don’t do it. This can make the infection even worse.

Bottom Line

To summarize, if your nose piercing gets infected, then the skin around the piercing will become red, itchy, and possibly ooze pus.

Never try to pop the bump and don’t pick at it either. If you just let it be, it will go away on its own.

You can prevent a future infection by keeping your jewelry clean, as well as sanitizing your nose with anti-bacterial soap.

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  • I feel like I’ve read everything there is to read on the internet since getting my nose pierced in January and a having a recurring nose bump, so here is a summary of what I’ve learnt.

    Teatree works, for a bit, and then it burns your skin. It scabs over and leaves a red raw mark when the scab comes off. Consequently, I wouldn’t bother with tea tree oil. If you have already used this and you’ve burnt your skin and are freaking out, I really recommend Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. It is REALLY expensive, but I owned a tube already, which is why I tried it. It healed the burn in a day or so. I don’t use it as part of my usually skin care routine 0 but I have heard it is cream for all sorts, so may be worth the expenditure.

    Aspirin paste also works – grind it up, or even better, buy some water soluble ones and dissolve in a couple of drops of water. Put it on your nose overnight and the bump will disappear.

    Problem is, these bumps don’t seem to just go, they keep coming back, and I got sick of the aspirin.

    SO! I found out that Bonjela is basically aspirin cream! (NHS website) Buy a tube of Bonjela and put it on your nose, whenever the bump is coming up! Works a dream! Although I *think* it is only active when wet so as soon as it dries you can peel it off and replace or leave it as it is. It’s transparent too, so you can have it on whenever. It does dry a bit like PVA glue, but I think it looks a bit like I’ve got a peely nose cuz of the sun if ever anyone sees me with it on, so I don’t tend to mind!

    BONJELA is the answer!

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