Lump on Bum Cheek

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Seb Asks:

Basicly had a lump for about a week thought I’d see if it went away but it feels hard and quite painful to sit on sometimes

Dr Nitesh’s reply:

Lumps are usually seen on arms and legs but can also occur on bum cheeks. Lump on bum cheek is most likely to be a cyst. Cysts are not life threatening and are always non-cancerous. Due to their noncancerous nature they won’t spread to other parts and will remain confined to the area where they are formed but they can increase in size. Cysts are usually filled with serous fluid but they can get infected and subsequently can contain pus. Another key point to note about cysts is they grow very slowly and any fast growing lump is unlikely to be cyst. Cysts never resolve on their own and surgical intervention is usually warranted for their cure. A dermatologist or a surgeon can remove a cyst.
Another cause of lump on bum cheek could be epidermoid cyst. These are also noncancerous and can appear on any part of the body. Epidermoid cysts most commonly involve chest, genitals, back and calves. They can evolve during out-pouching of hair follicles. Epidermoid cyst is one of the rarer cause of lump on the bum cheek.

Lipoma could be another cause of lump on the bum cheek. Lipoma is kind of benign tumour. Lipomas are soft, painless, movable and compressible. Lipoma can be left in place if it’s not bothering you. However, some limpomas which grow near nerves, can lead to nerve compression and cause pain. If this is the case with your bum cheek then you need to have it surgically removed. Lipomas usually don’t grow very large and sizes larger than 5 cm are rare. Lipomas arise due to genetic factors but diet, activity level and stress also tends to play a role.

Dermatofibromas can be another cause of lump on bump cheeks. They are reddish masses and usually harmless. They do not need to be removed unless they are bothering you.

Hence, do not get worried if you find a lump on your bum cheek. If the lump lasts longer than 3-4 weeks get it examined by a doctor. They will take the necessary steps and can ask for a biopsy in the rare event of possibility of cancerous growth.

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