Ammonia Smelling Sweat

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Aubrey Asks:

I googled about ammonia smelling sweat and it brought up how if you have one or more of a few symptoms of liver problems to contact a doctor, but I only have seen problems occasionally. Is that still something to see a doctor about? Does it start out slow like that? Symptoms stated online are abdominal pain, tar like stool, dark urine, ammonia sweat.

Dr Edin’s reply:

Ammonia is a chemical normally produced in the human body by degrading proteins into amino-acids and using them as a fuel for everyday activities. The leftovers are then transferred to kidneys and excreted in urine. In case of excess degradation of amino acids, kidneys are not capable to process all that nitrogen and it is then excreted in sweat. Another problem which can cause ammonia-like smelling of sweat is inadequate intake of water which is required for kidneys to work normally and excrete nitrogen.

In the normal case, the human body uses carbohydrates to create glucose and generate energy. In case of lack of intake of carbohydrates, the body will switch to proteins in order to create glucose. So, that might be a problem – inadequate intake of carbohydrates in your daily diet. In most cases, it is caused by that. If you are concerned, you should visit your doctor and discuss this with them.

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