130 Over 90 Blood Pressure

A blood pressure reading has two parts: systolic and diastolic.

If you have a pressure of 130 over 90, then it’s considered pre-hypertensive. It means that you’re at an increased risk of hypertension.

With this reading, your systolic pressure (the top number) is 130 and your diastolic pressure (the bottom number) is 90.

Below, we’ll talk about whether a 130 over 90 blood pressure reading is good or bad.

Systolic vs. Diastolic

The systolic pressure measures the force on artery walls during a heartbeat.

The diastolic pressure measures the force on artery walls between heartbeats.

A normal blood pressure is a systolic below 120 and a diastolic below 80. So, if you have a 130 over 90 reading, it means that your blood pressure is slightly above average.

Specifically, it means you have pre-hypertension.

What is Pre-Hypertension?

pre hypertension

Pre-hypertension means that you’re at an increased risk of developing hypertension (high blood pressure).

It’s when you have a systolic of 120-139 and a diastolic of 80-89. Hypertension puts you at risk for many diseases including stroke, heart attack, and more.

A blood pressure of 130 over 90 is an early sign that you should pay attention to your dietary choices.

If you continue the way you’re going, you could end up with full-blown hypertension.

How to Lower 130 Over 90 Blood Pressure

Here are 3 easy ways to lower 130 over 90 blood pressure:

  • Less Salt: Excess dietary salt can put you at an increased risk of hypertension. The average American gets about 3,400 milligrams/day. However, it’s recommended that you get about 2,000 milligrams/day.
  • Exercise: Exercise is scientifically proven to improve health. Try to exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes per day (the more, the better). This is an excellent way to reduce your 130/90 blood pressure reading.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are low in salt, saturated fat, and cholesterol. All three of these things are known risk factors for hypertension. Start replacing animal-based foods with whole plant-based foods.

Also, it’s essential that you minimize the stress in your life. Stress causes your body to produce a hormone called cortisol, which increases blood pressure.

If you’re chronically stressed, then you’re more likely to develop hypertension.

When to See a Doctor

A blood pressure of 130 over 90 isn’t considered a medical emergency. It’s simply a warning sign that you’re getting closer to a hypertensive state.

A hypertensive crisis requires emergency care and happens whenever your blood pressure greater than 180 over 110.

In this case, you must get to a hospital immediately. With a 130/90 reading, lifestyle modifications (and possibly medications) should bring it down.

Buy a Blood Pressure Monitor

at home blood pressure monitor

Our recommendation is that you buy a blood pressure monitor. That way, you can track your BP from home.

Without this device, you’ll have no idea if your 130 over 90 reading has gotten higher or lower.

Most consumer monitors cost between $25 and $50, which is far less than you would spend getting your blood pressure checked by a doctor.

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